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business started to slow down, Concealed Carry came on the scene and he moved into the Concealed Carry market.  During that start-up time he also worked as a FEMA Disaster Site Security Manager for several years on a part time, on call basis.


Seeing that Concealed Carry market become quite competitive over the years, he adapted again and became an NRA Training Counselor in a variety of disciplines, and to date has trained over 800 instructor candidates from around the country working in the United States Armed Forces, Law Enforcement Agencies, Gun Ranges, and individual entrepreneurs.  Most recently he developed a training and RSO program for a 55,000 sf, 23-lane gun range along with appropriate staff training.


Still active in Law Enforcement, Bruce works as a commissioned officer part time for a small Missouri agency and is active in Missouri Law Enforcement Training. He holds a generalist instructor credential through the Missouri Police Officer Standards and Training Office (Missouri POST) and is qualified to teach in any Missouri Police Academy.  He has trained internationally, teaching a Human Relations class at Bramshill Police College in England and also in Honduras, teaching basic pistol skills and crime scene management to selected elements of the National Police Force.  He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration and a Master of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice.  He also has a YouTube channel at

Awards:  When living in Colorado, Bruce was active with the Civil Air Patrol and was an active Mission and Mission Check Pilot and Wing Chaplain.  In 1981 he was voted Chaplain of the Year.  In 2016, Bruce was awarded the Officer of the Year award by his Police Department.

Bruce has a long history in Colorado Law Enforcement in the suburban Denver and Greeley Colorado areas.  His experience includes a diversity of Patrol, Patrol Sergeant, Field Training Officer Supervisor and as a Criminal Investigator.  Even a stint in budget and grants, along with communications and records. His last five years in Colorado Law Enforcement was working as the Coordinator for the University of Northern Colorado Center for Law Enforcement Education and Research.  Part of each week he also served as a staff instructor for the Colorado Law Enforcement Training Academy (CLETA) in Golden, Colorado and nearby Aims Community College Police Academy.  He also served on the curriculum committee for CLETA.  

Bruce moved to Missouri in 2002 and married.  He and his wife have two children, both adopted from China.   He originally set up a successful safety training business.  About the time the insurance market changed and

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