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Want to start a Fire Arms Training Business?  



I can help you do that.  Here are some realities you need to 

understand. You have heard these before and they are still true. 

“There is no such thing as an Easy Buck and Persistence is the Key to Success”


Translation:  Don’t give up your day job (unless it gave up on you and you have been laid off).  In the existing market today think about Fire Arms training as a good second income effort.  Starting a business is a lot of work and expense up front.  It may be several months before you (and the doubting significant other) see financial return.  While this will vary, plan on investing around $5,000 for class equipment & props.   .22 caliber class hand guns for student use will be the majority of that expense. 


Full time fire arms instruction can happen if you are affiliated with a gun range and retail store.  Think of full time fire arms instruction as a “three legged revenue stool”.  Revenue comes in the form of teaching income, income from the range operation, and retail sales.  Will you be a part of a larger team or the owner?  Developing a professional Range/Retail/Training Operation that meets OSHA and EPA standards will start in the low seven figures and can go up rapidly. 


The first step in teaching a Concealed Carry class (required in many states), is to obtain an NRA Pistol Instructor credential.  A competent Training Counselor in either discipline can advise you of any further credentialing requirement for your state. 


Picking a Training Counselor (Instructor Trainer or TC) that will be able to support your goals through class information and after class mentoring is vital.  Even if that TC is a distance away, the decision you make for your initial training can mean the difference between success and failure, or perhaps even starting at all. 


I have had over 2,400 new trainers come though my class room, with many coming back for a second or third class.  I have a successful fire arms training business and have worked as a Chief Trainer for a Five Star, 23 lane state of the art gun range and retail operation.  I also have over 35 years of adult education experience (mostly in the law enforcement area), and am happy to share those fruits of experience with you. 


Will my back ground and experience work to get you started in a Fire Arms Training business?  We won’t know until we have a chance to talk. Check out my bio on this web site. Call, email or text me with your questions.  I’ll be up front and honest with you concerning the viability of your goals.  Mentoring starts with your first contact with me.   


All of my classes are very educational as well as fun. Did I mention I was recently voted one of the top ten comedians in my immediate family?  Call me now......

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