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Staff Defensive Firearms Proficiency Evaluation Program

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Author:  Bruce Luedeman MA, EMT; The Matthew Group, Inc dba











An independent, neutral, third party evaluation of an organization’s staff proficiency with firearms in a workplace defensive shooting situation.




To reduce the threat, or provide a stronger defense, in the event of civil litigation if an innocent is injured during a deadly force situation in the work environment.


To provide a plan for ongoing, recurrent, defensive firearms training to keep armed staff at a skill level to halt an attack by a gunman.


Evaluation Methods:


If necessary pre-evaluation classes(s) can be conducted for selected staff to qualify them in basic pistol operation and defensive firearms techniques.


Once staff and management feel comfortable with the individual’s skill levels, with or without the initial classes offered by SafeShoot or other reputable training firearms training organizations, the Defensive Firearms Evaluation can be attempted. 


Skills tested will involve speed shooting and target recognition (a shot timer will be utilized), shooting from point shoulder and hip, safe holster use, and adaptive barricade use to the candidate's mobility level. 


An inspection of available cover in the work environment will be made and suggestions for defensive shooting positions will be discussed with candidates and management. 


Per candidate the evaluation can be conducted in 60-90 minutes.  Multiple candidates can be on the same firing line and shoot concurrently for most of the drills and scenarios.  Some scenarios, evaluating cover and barricade shooting skills, will be conducted individually with the other candidates observing. 


Certificate of Proficiency:


A certificate of proficiency will be issued for each candidate successfully attaining a 90% shot factor within the 8 rings of a standard B-27 target and a 90% hit factor on the target recognition and speed target. The candidate should not carry a firearm during their employment until they have met or exceeded the proficiency level required by this credential. The same goes for the monthly evaluation sessions. 


The certificate is suitable for framing and is valid for 12 months from the date of qualification. 



Maintaining Proficiency:


At the initial evaluation meeting I, or a representative, will meet with management to assign an “on staff” Proficiency Evaluator (PE).  This is usually the Chief Trainer or business owner and should hold, at the minimum, an NRA or a USCCA Pistol instructor credential and have significant teaching experience.  


It is common for some staff, at the first evaluation, to not meet the Proficiency Level required for the credential.  The PE will work with the non-qualifying staff to bring their skills to the required level.  After remediation and practice and the Candidate meets the proficiency level to the PE’s satisfaction the PE will notify and a Certificate of Proficiency will be issued. 


The candidate should not carry a firearm during their employment until they have met or exceeded the proficiency level required by this credential.


The staff PE will conduct training each month, shooting at least fifty rounds, various drills representing the skills needed to successfully complete the annual staff firearms qualification.  It is encouraged to supplement the monthly drills with air soft, simunition, or simulator training drills. 


Annually, the PE will complete a Firearms Proficiency Evaluation with staff who carry firearms.  The PE will complete the proficiency forms provided by and submit to will then mail the Certificates of Proficiency to the requesting PE.  Those staff that do not meet the annual firearms proficiency evaluation standard will be remediated by their PE as previously described before a certificate is issued. 




Initial Evaluation of Shooting Skills: $50 per candidate ($500 minimum).  Travel expenses will be charged “at cost” if travel is required outside the metro Kansas City area. 


Second Year Proficiency Credential from your staff PE:  $25 per credential.




On site and Prior to Initial Proficiency Evaluation: 


Basic Pistol Class (4 hours):  $75 per participant


Concealed Carry Class (8hrs):  $125 per participant includes text material.  (My CCW class may not be applicable for your state.)


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