The CCW class is a full 8 hour day including range time.  Covered will be Basic Pistol Operation, Gun Cleaning, Safe Fire Arm Storage, Use of Force Laws, Situational Awareness, Defensive Scripts to yell at an assailant, Post-Traumatic Stress and how to interact with a Police Investigation.  All of these topics will meet the state requirements and much more for both Missouri and Kansas (and  few other states). 


I am a retired Colorado Police Officer, Supervisor, and Academy Trainer.  I speak from experience.  My classes are all family oriented; no windy war stories or profanity allowed.  I will work with a minimum group of five or more.  Church Security teams or Teachers are very welcome and I can address some of the issues those environments may face with active shooters.  Women’s only groups are especially welcome. 


Cost is $100 per person or $125 if you need a hand gun and ammo for class.  My class guns are .22 caliber and comfortable to shoot even for the arthritic hand.  There is a state required course of fire and is an “orientation” session to familiarize you with hand gun operation.   I use a combination of lecture and entertaining power point slides to present the information.   My classes are no stress, a lot of fun and the day will pass quickly.  I was recently voted one of the top ten comedians in my immediate family............


Please text or email me with any questions you may have.  See you in class!