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Dangerous Places/Dangerous People

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The morning session focuses on awareness skills that may alert you and family members to potential threats. The afternoon is an individual field trip around the area to use your newly acquired skills. Many of these techniques are the same ones that Police Officers use when responding to a potentially dangerous call.

Lunch will be on your own and you will start using the skills you have learned, in the morning session. Utilizing your personal vehicle and GPS, the afternoon will be a field trip to various locations, around the local area, to observe and report what you see. The participants will be given a route description and a sheet with observation requirements and a space for notes. You and your companions will also make location decisions, "where is a safe place or quick exit?".

At the conclusion of the route, you or your group will meet the instructor in the food court of a large local shopping mall to relax, debrief and enjoy your favorite soft drink.

Cost is $30 per participant and $10.00 additional for each participating member of your family or group. Your family or group can reserve a seat with a $30 deposit.

Because of the logistics, class size is limited to approximately 15 people.  Don't delay, enroll today!

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