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All class reservations require a $50 materials cost deposit.


Pre-requisite class is the NRA Pistol Instructor credential.  


If your BIT is not current, within the last two years, please contact the Instructor. 


The other prerequisite is the NRA Basic CCW class, and that is included in the Instructor class time line.


Bring your normal carry pistol, a strong side OWB holster (IWB is OK if the hand gun can be replaced with one hand), a cover garment, knee pads (optional) for one exercise, and 200 rounds of ammunition.   Minimum caliber is 9 mm or .38 special.


Accuracy standard is defensive accuracy using an IDPA Practice target.  Per NRA rules the course of fire will be shot "cold"; not revealed to you till you are at the firing line. There will be some warm up drills.  A shot timer will be used during the qualification phase.  If you can shoot the PPOTH course of fire accurately and quickly, including from concealment,  you should be generally good for this class.  While most drills are from defensive distances one drill will be from 45'/15 yards.

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