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FFL Background Check Policy and Procedures


Bruce Luedeman, dba: and the Matthew Group, Inc., is the Missouri location for Mitchell Munitions of Kansas, a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL).  

My responsibility:

I will conduct the federally required background check to transfer a fire arm(s) you purchased from an on line fire arms seller.

Once I receive from your seller the firearm you purchased, I will notify you immediately; preferably by text message. We will arrange a mutually agreed time for you to come to my location to conduct the background check.  I will store your firearm in a secure space.  I will advise you of the simple protocol to transfer the firearm you purchased from another online FFL or, if purchased online from a private seller, the protocol to follow in that situation.  

I charge a fee for my effort and time in conducting the transfer. The fee is per gun or item. If you purchase two (or more) guns from an online seller the transfer fee will be times two (or more).  

Your responsibility:

You will negotiate your price with your seller. 

If there is a shipping issue with your purchased firearm you will coordinate all inquiries to the seller and shipper in the event of a lost shipment. I cannot act on your behalf.  I strongly encourage your shipped fire arm have insurance coverage.


If you refuse the firearm and wish to return the item to your seller, you will coordinate with your seller any return protocol and restocking fee.  I will pack up and ship the gun to your seller for the cost of the 2-day shipping plus my normal transfer fee.  

If you are denied possession of the purchased firearm due to adverse information from the FFL background check, you will pay me $50 plus the cost of 2 day shipping back to your seller.  In the event your seller refuses the return I will keep the firearm and attempt to sell it for you at auction on both and for a 30 day period.  Whatever amount the gun sells for (it may be less then you paid for the gun); I will deduct from the proceeds my above-mentioned fee, a 15% auction fee and 2 day shipping charges.  I will forward the remaining proceeds to you.   

Utilizing a “straw buyer” to obtain a firearm for you is a Federal Offense and one I will report to the authorities.  For more info, go to, “ firearms-frequently asked questions for unlicensed persons”.  


For questions contact me at 816-353-6826 or email

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